Getting Repeat Customers: 5 Easy Steps

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How Can I Get Repeat Customers?

Getting Repeat Customers: 5 Easy Steps

More customers are great, but what's even better are repeat customers. If a customer is happy with your product and service, they'll commit to a lifetime of buying from you, and they'll tell their friends! Here are 5 easy steps to getting repeat business.

1. Incentives. Everyone likes getting something for free. Offer repeat buyers discounts or freebies. The more they purchase, the more they get!

2. Free Samples. If a customer doesn't try a new product, chances are they'll never buy it. But if you provide free samples, it entices the customer to try the product risk free, and then they'll want to buy two!

3. Communication. Keep your customers in the know by sending email or direct mail sales flyers. By offering special discounts to your database of customers, they feel unique and will take advantage of the promotion – multiple times!

4. Be Honest. If a product isn't a good fit, or if it's going on sale next week, tell your customer. You may not make a sale today, but you can be sure the customer will be so impressed that you put their needs above your own that they'll come back and bring friends!

5. Customer Service. If you treat customers well, they will come back. Always be courteous, and call your customers by their names if you know them!



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