Accessibility: The Key to Selling High End Products

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How Can I Sell More of my High End Products?

Accessibility: The Key to Selling High End Products

Selling a million dollar laser system is not the same as selling a keychain. Your relationship with a client is much more dedicated and long-term than that of a clerk selling an accessory to a customer in the mall.

So why would you use the same techniques to sell your product?

Being accessible to your high end product clients is of extreme importance. If they spend top dollar on your product only to find you're nowhere around when they have questions, this is a good way to get them to not buy from you again!

Whether you're the business owner or sales rep, accessibility is key to sales. If someone is considering buying, say an expensive piece of jewelry, they want to know you stand behind your product, and will be there if there is a problem with the product, or even if they have questions about how to care for the jewelry. By building relationships with your customers, you help them trust you. By helping them trust you, you can generate sales of your high end product.

Whether your customer is a corporate client looking for a software systems integration or an individual who needs a thoroughbred, your role is to be there for them, through the wooing process, and long past the sale. Check in on your customers a few weeks, then a few months after the sale to see if you can offer any additional services.

By being accessible, you will ensure that the next time that client (or the client's friend) is in the market for your high end product, you will be the first business they think of!



2/20/2008 4:37:02 AM
Robert Lubitz said:

I have just recently started a sales position with a distributor of high end optical wear. I had previously been with a manufacturer of high end plumbing products. Your article was very helpful in reminding what the key to my success was with the plumbing products. Kill them with kindness and over service the accounts.


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