Handshakes And Eye Contact: Better Client Meetings

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What Can I Do to be More Professional in Meetings?

Handshakes And Eye Contact: Better Client Meetings

Communication comes in all forms. It's not limited to the written word. How you communicate in your meetings with clients reflects your business and level of professionalism. Here are some tips to make sure you are a confident communicator!

  • S tand Up: When a client enters the room, stand up to greet them.
  • Maintain Eye Contact: Don't look around the room; keep your eyes on your client so that they feel you are listening to them.
  • Smile! No one likes a gloomy Gus! Remember to smile frequently.
  • No Wet Fish Shakes: Make sure your handshake is strong and confident, without being overbearing.
  • Do Your Research: Go into a meeting with a client knowing who you're meeting. Visit the client's website to learn as much as you can. This will impress them!
  • Remember Names: Make a mental note of every person you meet, from the receptionist to your potential client. Get business cards to get proper spelling. Use names throughout your meeting (“Well, Jake, if you look at our numbers…”)
  • Take Notes: Make notes on a pad while you're talking if appropriate.
  • Make a Joke: If tension is mounting, throw in a simple joke to lighten the mood.
  • Go in With a Plan: Have an agenda for what you want to discuss in the meeting. If the meeting is headed off track, do your best to steer it back.



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