Feeding Your Readers: RSS

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What is RSS?

Feeding Your Readers: RSS

If your business generates a lot of news, be it in press releases, blogs or speaking engagements, you may benefit from an RSS feed.

What's RSS? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. You've probably seen a short sentence at the top of websites you've visited that include a link for more information on the headline. That's RSS.

Essentially, RSS serves as a teaser to get readers interested in finding out more about news or an announcement. You can either have your RSS stream into a larger RSS feed, reaching a larger audience, or post your RSS on your site. Regular visitors to your website can subscribe to your RSS feed and get instant notification of product announcements, financial results, and press releases as you post them.

What Should Go into my RSS? Any sort of information that you consider news or relevant to your readers can go into your RSS feed. That includes:

  • Press releases
  • Blog entries Product releases
  • Financial news
  • Announcements of presentations and webcasts
Subscribers to your RSS feed can click on any RSS that interests them and get instant access to your news. Keeping your clients and fans in the know through your RSS feed, and you'll see an increase in sales quickly!



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