Communicate With A Newsletter

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How Can I Use a Newsletter to Promote my Company?

Communicate With A Newsletter

Newsletters are great in that they're informative, useful, and keep your business in front of potential customers. Whether you decide to do a print newsletter or electronic version, make sure your newsletter is well written, has an interesting design, and has contact information for you and your company. Print: Print newsletters have been around for a long time. While they are more costly than their electronic counterparts, print newsletters can be more effective because they are tangible and attractive.

You can customize your newsletter to be as professional and polished as you want it to be. Have an expert graphic artist design your newsletter to reflect your company's personality. Consider what characteristics you want to portray:

  • Professional
  • Serious
  • Whimsical
  • Fun
  • Adventurous
Write informative articles (no more than three or four) sprinkled with information about the related services your company can provide. If you are offering a promotion or discount, include that on the front page.

Who do you send it to? You should have a database of current clients as well as potential customers. Whenever you get a business card, enter the contact info into your database to increase your exposure.

Electronic: Today, more and more businesses elect to send their newsletter via email or post it on their websites. It's fast and affordable to do so. You'll have to modify your design to suit the electronic format, but you can include the same elements you would in a print version.



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