Blogging For Business!

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How Can I Use Blogs for My Business?

Blogging For Business!

Despite what you think, blogs are not just for teenagers. They're effective communication tools that can help you promote your business and better understand your customers.

What's a Blog? A blog, or weblog, is a journal-style series of posts on a website. They're casual in nature, and readers can often post responses or comments to your blog posts. Businesses use them to:

  • Let readers know about upcoming product releases
  • Test the market on new product ideas
  • Address customer concerns and issues
  • Present a more personable face to the customer
  • Provide resources for information on the industry
What a blog isn't is a blatant advertisement. It's almost a public service announcement. Sure, you're trying to impress your readers in the hope that they will buy from you, but you're doing so under the guise of providing useful information to the reader.

There's nothing worse for your business than bad publicity. If you have customers that are complaining about the features of a recent product release on web forums and chat rooms, don't sweep it under the rug. Address the issue in public, through your blog, and you'll get the respect of all your readers. You may be able to explain the reason behind some of the changes you've implemented and soothe ruffled feathers!



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