5 Mistakes Of DIY Corporate Communications

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What Should I NOT Do in Writing for my Business?

5 Mistakes Of DIY Corporate Communications

If you're like a lot of entrepreneurs, you truly believe you can
do everything. What can be so hard about writing copy for your website or brochures? While you may be a great writer, chances are you're better at something
else. Here are 5 mistakes you may make if you don't hire a professional.

  1. Grammar mistakes: Nothing is more embarrassing than being called by a client and
    told there are grammar or spelling mistakes on your website. If grammar isn't your strong suit, leave it to the professionals.
  2. Put your audience to sleep: If your product is highly
    technical and you're a tech-head, you may write copy for your website or brochure that is too detailed and boring for the average person. Copy should be entertaining and informative!
  3. Give false information: You run a business, not a research firm, so you may not know where to find solid research to put your product in the spotlight. With inaccurate information, you will run off potential customers, and lose the trust of your current clients.
  4. Look unprofessional: Potential customers are tough critics. If a website or brochure looks amateur, chances are they'll move on and find what they need elsewhere. By doing the work yourself, you discredit your professionalism, which will cost you clients.
  5. Take too much time: Just like anything, if you're not proficient at writing, it will take you longer than you anticipated. That's time you could better spend running your business or generating sales! Pay a professional to do it and free your time for the things you do best.



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