Targeting Editors With Your Release

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How Can I Get the Attention of Editors with my Release?

Targeting Editors With Your Release

Ever feel like your press release goes off into a black hole? Guess what? It
does. So how can you ensure that relevant editors read your release and
consider it for a feature or additional coverage?

  1. Target
    Your Editors:
    Press release distribution programs allow you
    to select the channels where you send your release. You can choose categories
    like Medical, Entertainment, Health, and Automotive. Don't be greedy and send
    your release to all. Stick to relevant industries to ensure interest from
  2. Follow
    Editors get hundreds, if not thousands, of press releases each
    day. By following up to see if there is interest in your release, you stay on
    the mind of editors in your industry. Even if they can't accommodate a story on
    your news now, if you stay in touch, they may need you later for a quote or
  3. Send
    Your Release Directly:
    If you feel your release is
    relevant to local news, fax or email a copy to the editor of the section you feel
    it fits best with. While they may not take notice of your story through the
    media channel they use to get news, receiving a copy of the release from you
    with a personal note (followed by a followup phone call) increases the
    likelihood of getting coverage in the media.



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