Stop Right There! Capturing Your Audience

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How Can I Get my Audience's Attention?

Stop Right There! Capturing Your Audience

There are literally thousands of press releases that go out every day, just in the US. A press release's shelf life is relatively short, and after a day, the likelihood is great that your release won't be read. So how do you make the most of this single day of visibility?


A release with a strong and interesting headline is more likely to be read than one with a boring headline. See for yourself:

  1. Borimax Wins Another Government Contract
  2. Armed with Corn, Borimax and US Army Team Up to Stop Bin Laden
Which one would you read?

A headline is a teaser. It provides just enough information that the reader wants to know more. Take a look in your newspaper or online news sites. You see the headlines that get your attention, and you want to read more.

Here are tips to writing an eye-catching headline for your release:

  • Use the active voice
  • Use present tense
  • Stick to short, simple words
  • Make positive statements
  • Be specific
  • Leave out exclamation marks and punctuation
  • Don't be “cute”
If you don't get everything you want in your main headline, consider adding a sub-headline that can further quantify your topic. This sub-headline complements the headline above:

Borimax, leading producer of Ethanol in US, wins two-year government contract to fight war on terror



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