What Is A Press Release?

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What is a Press Release and How Can I Use Them to Grow my Business?

What Is A Press Release?

What is press releases? Why should my company use them? How can
press releases help me?

If you read the news regularly, you've probably read a press
release without realizing it. Most of the news you read comes from a press release.

Press releases are effective methods of spreading the word about
your company, resulting in more traffic on your website and more customers! Essentially, they are little news bites. Your release may be about your brand new company, new website recently launched, major customer signed on, new product, or anything else that the general public may find newsworthy.

You'll note a recurring theme: NEW. Some companies try to generate
a buzz by rewriting old news or an opinion (Lazertek's Machines are the Best in the Industry!). Unless someone gave you an award for being the best, no one cares about your own opinion of your product.

Press releases are written by professional press release writers,
and are usually 400 words or less. They are distributed through a distribution service and sent to thousands of websites, TV and radio stations, magazines, and newspapers. The websites usually post the release immediately. The other media sources, however, are not guaranteed to publish or mention your news unless they find it extremely newsworthy or relevant to their local market.

If it's relevant news, a reporter may follow up to get additional
information from you regarding the news. If there are industry specific trade journals in your field, make sure they get the release, as they are more likely to cover your news.



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