Free Advertising Through Article Writing

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How Can I Get Free Advertising?

Free Advertising Through Article Writing

So you're a small business with no marketing budget. Think you don't stand a chance of success? You're wrong. By using effective and free techniques, you can market your company effortlessly and generate new business! By writing and publishing articles on topics in your industry, you can effectively boost your credibility as an expert in your field and get some free advertising for your business!

Places where you may be able to publish articles include:

  • Content-driven websites that cover a variety of topics
  • Industry-specific publications and websites
  • Major newspapers and magazines
What to Write About: What do you sell? Sports equipment? Write about the safety of protective sports gear. Are you a lawyer? Write articles on issues you are frequently asked about. The idea is not to write a 400-word advertisement (in fact, this is a good way to get booted off these article sites). It's to offer information to an audience, who hopefully will be so interested they'll visit your website to learn more about what you do.

No matter what you sell, you likely have dozens of competitors. By writing articles and becoming an expert in your industry, you set yourself apart from the rest. Once your name becomes known, you will get referral upon referral for new business!



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