Putting Yourself On Display

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What Will a Display Do for my Business?

Putting Yourself On Display

Most networking organizations have opportunities for businesses to set up table displays where they have samples of their products or marketing collateral. These are great (and usually affordable) opportunities to let people get to know your business!

Appeal: Naturally, people will flock to well-designed tables. Make sure to only have the necessities at your table: products (if applicable), brochures and flyers, and something sweet to entice people to visit.

Candy is a favorite of exhibitors everywhere. Another popular option is a drawing or contest where visitors get the chance to win one of your products (or a door prize, if your products are expensive or custom-built).

Promotional Material: Make sure your brochures and marketing collateral is professional in appearance, and covers relevant product information. You may need to customize the collateral to better suit your audience. For instance, if you sell doors, and your collateral addresses homeowners, but you decide to exhibit at a construction show, customize your collateral to address builders, rather than homeowners.

Capturing Your Audience: You need contacts; that's the purpose of getting a table display. You can do this by either putting out a fishbowl for people to drop their business cards into, or having a sign-up sheet where people who are interested can give you their contact information and sign up for your newsletter.

Be as informative as possible when talking with potential customers. Set up as many meetings as you can at the event and follow up with a phone call.



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