Networking Is A Contact Sport

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How Can I Keep in Touch with my Contacts?

Networking Is A Contact Sport

If you regularly attend networking functions, are you making the most of your contacts? You should get business cards from every single person you meet at these events and enter these contacts into your database. By following up, you can keep in touch with potential customers.

Thank You Card: Directly after meeting a business contact, send them a personalized card, and include the following:

State it was nice meeting them

Mention what you can provide them in the way of benefits with your product/service

Add personalized comment, such as “I hope your daughter gets betters soon,” based on your conversation

Newsletter: Building your newsletter database means building your sales. Your newsletter can include informative articles on your field or monthly specials and discounts offered only to subscribers.

Thoughtful Touches: When holidays come around, make your contacts feel special. Send holiday and birthday cards to your mailing list, letting them know you're thinking of them on these special days. As you know, people like to feel special, and getting a card from you will make them feel fantastic.

When the time comes for these contacts to buy what you sell, you can be sure you're on the top of their list.



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