Carve Out Time For Networking

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How Can I Make Time for Networking in my Busy Schedule?

Carve Out Time For Networking

As a business owner, you're busy. That's a given. How much time do you put into networking and making new contacts? If it's less than half of your professional time, that may not be enough.

Networking isn't an instant business generator. It's about building long-term relationships, with the hope that one day they may turn into sales or partnerships. So that means you can't only invest in networking when you need new clients. It's an ongoing process that you have to work at developing.

If you don't have time to network, make time. Nothing is a better time investment than networking. Set up a schedule each month that includes networking in your busy calendar. When you're at a networking event, be there fully. Don't check voicemail and email. Focus on building relationships with the people in your group.

Remember that you network to give, not to get. Having the right attitude when you meet other like-minded business owners is important, because networkers can spot a sales shark. A sales shark is the person who has no other agenda than his own, and wants to make contacts turn into sales. That's a turnoff in the networking world, so don't be guilty of it.

Be open to what you might find at events. You may need an interior decorator or babysitter and find one by building relationships!



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