How NOT to Network

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How Should I NOT Network?

How NOT to Network

You are hungry. You want sales. You go to local networking events with the goals of finding customers and generating revenues. You will fail.
Here are some tips on what NOT to do when you network.

  • Be Pushy. Everyone at networking events wants to make contacts that turn into sales. But what makes a networking event different from a sales call is the subtlety. If you want to turn your audience off, push your products on them. Follow them around, touting how great your products are.
  • Pursue a Contact, Even if He's Not Interested. Never say never, right? Everyone knows that in the sales world, no means yes. If you meet someone who says they're not interested, don't believe them. Keep on plugging away and you'll make the sale (or not)!
  • Stay Self-Centered. It's all about you at networking events. Don't waste your time by asking questions about others. You don't really care, do you??
  • Skip the Presentations. You're there to make money, so why waste valuable time listening to speakers tell you how to make money?
  • Get Drunk. Hey, why would they have a bar at the event unless you were supposed to take advantage of it? Besides, a beer or two makes you a more convincing salesman.
  • Don't Bother with Business Cards. If people really understand how great your product is, they'll call you. So just sit by the phone and wait!



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