Online Networking: The Thing of the Future

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How Can I Network Online?

Online Networking: The Thing of the Future

Too busy to attend a networking luncheon every week? Technology lets you network when and how you want – online! You can take advantage of great networking tools online to build relationships with like-minded business people and potential clients.

Advertising Options: Networking groups today usually offer you your own web page or advertisement on their website as part of your membership package. Members, as well as anyone else browsing the site, will see your ad, and if they click on it, will be taken to your professional website. Advertising through a networking group is usually a lot more affordable than advertising with other sources.

Unlimited Resources: Who better to ask for advice than people who have already done what you're doing? Fellow networkers form a great support chain to help you when you have questions about billing, accounting, sales, and warehouse space, among other topics.

Online networking sites have forums or chat boards where you can post a question or search to see if your question has already been answered. You may find the answer from a member halfway around the world!

Connected Contacts: Even if a fellow member of a networking group doesn't know you personally, has never seen you or spoken to you, there is a bond that exists purely by you being a part of the same organization. Don't be afraid to contact a member who might be interested in your company. The results may surprise you. Many business owners get one third or more of their business through online networking groups!



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