Outside of the Event: Networking in Life

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How Can I Network if I Have no Time?

Outside of the Event: Networking in Life

Don't pack away your networking boots as soon as your monthly meeting is adjourned. Every day, every person you meet, is an opportunity to network, so learn how to take advantage of it.

  1. Change your perspective. Maybe you never thought of your neighbors or the guy you always see at the coffee shop as part of your network. But you never know where they may lead.
  2. Change the subject. If you always discuss ballet with the woman you chat with while waiting for your daughters in dance class, you may never find out that she is the CEO of an investment bank. Get off the usual topics and talk business. You may find alliances you never knew existed.
  3. Be blatant. If you're looking for new talent, ask the guy who works at (maybe owns) the gym if he knows anyone like what you're looking for. He may have a cousin that recruits executives, and may be able to get you the family discount!
Don't look at networking as something that takes up too much of your time. You can build relationships in your network while you're doing almost anything: grocery shopping, running errands, watering the plants! Make the most of the relationships (big or small) that you have in your personal life and turn them into business contacts!



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