Effective Customer Service Technology

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How Can I Implement Technology in my Customer Service?

Effective Customer Service Technology

You may have noticed a few innovations in the way of customer service on various websites you've visited. Here's an overview of how you can use technology tools out there to streamline your customer service experience and gain new clients.

Virtual Customer Service: You've probably seen an animated person pop up when you visit some websites, or at least a text chat box appear, with a greeting from a virtual service rep. This is technology's version of the perky salesperson that greets you in a store, except you can ignore them if you want!

These are great ways to catch visitors to your site that may be looking for something in particular, or who may leave the site if they don't immediately find what they need. You can quickly assess the visitor's needs and help him right away.

Additionally, for people who detest calling customer service only to sit on the phone for an hour, these are instant gratification tools that let customers get what they need immediately!

Blogs: If you don't know what a blog is by now, you're a rare species. Companies use blogs to tell customers and website visitors about new products, modifications of old products, and to address customer concerns.

Many blogs operate in a forum manner, which means readers can leave comments. Say for example a reader leaves a post that talks about problems he's having installing your software on a Mac. You can reply to the blog for all to see with a solution.

Blogs can keep your issues out in the open, where you can resolve them for the good of all your customers and potential customers.



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