Promoting Your Brand With Products

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How Do I Effectively Use Promotional Products?

Promoting Your Brand With Products

You've probably owned your fair share of company-branded pens and notepads. But how many of them ever got your attention? How many promotional products have stimulated you to buy from that company? Probably not many.

Promotional products can be very effective forms of advertising, if they are chosen carefully.

1. Do not skimp on your promotional product budget. If you're not prepared to spend some money, you will end up buying pens no one reads. You want to go above what your competitors do, and that may cost you. Keep in mind that the cost will more than be made up with the boost in sales you will have.

2. Think outside the notepad. Today, promotional products include unique items like stress balls, clocks, and desk toys. You want something that people will look at frequently and register your company name. Get creative and it will pay off.

3. Your logo should be eye-catching. If it's not currently, consider a redesign before you order products. Your logo should be pleasing to the eye with attractive color schemes. Avoid having too much text on a small product.

4. Splurge for big-payoff clients. If you have big clients or potential clients that could mean a major win for your company, invest in special gifts for this crowd. Nice pens, a polo shirt, or duffel bag with your logo can really impress a client or close the sale.



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