Extra! Extra! Read This Press Release!

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How Can I Promote My Company With Press Releases?

Extra! Extra! Read This Press Release!

If your company has exciting news that you want everyone to know about, write a press release. Press releases are sent out “over the wire,” which means multiple news sites, TV stations, and newspapers receive your release. Typically, your press release will be posted instantly on the majority of the news sites that get it. Television, newspapers, radio and magazines are harder to get into. If your news is earth-shattering, or extremely relevant to a specific population, one of these forms of media may contact you to do a followup story or interview. But in general, your best best is the online news sites that publish your release.

Keep in mind, no one wants to read fluff. You should genuinely have news to share. Your news may include:

Grand opening of company

New product being introduced

New addition to executive leadership

Company going public

Award or recognition given

Major client secured

Your press release should be quick and to the point. The first paragraph should have all the pertinent information: who, what, when, where, and why. Readers will only spend a few seconds skimming the first paragraph before deciding if they want to read the entire thing in detail.

It should be no more than 400 words. It can be challenging to get everything you want to say in 400 words, but the purpose of a press release is to give a news blurb, not a detailed story or feature.

Be sure to include your company's contact information and website so that people who want to learn more about your products can do so.



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