Use Technology Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

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How Can I Use Technology to Market My Company?

Use Technology Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Despite what you've been told, you don't need a big-time budget to get your small business off the ground. There are several technology tools available online that don't cost a dime, but can help generate sales for your business.

Blogs are a casual form of marketing. Rather than sending stuffy emails or letters, you can let your clients and potential clients know what's going on with your company in a blog. While you can cover strictly company information, such as new product releases, frequently asked questions, and customer concerns, you can also write about your industry in general, making your company a known expert in your field.

There are tons of free websites that let you easily set up a free blog and link to it on your website. You don't even have to be an IT guru to figure it out!

Podcasts are another great trend in advertising right now. With a cheap digital recorder (or using recording software on your computer), you can record regular programs and upload them to your website for visitors to listen to.

You might cover industry news updates every week, then plug your company at the end.

If you have a database of clients and interested parties, stay in their faces. By sending out an email newsletter every month or two weeks, you can keep them up to date on what your company is doing, as well as offer them special promotions not available to the general public.



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