Interview With The Entrepreneur

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How Can I Get Free Publicity?

Interview With The Entrepreneur

The best publicity is free publicity. Or publicity that doesn't appear to be downright advertising. Offer yourself up to a local radio or cable show for an interview as the local entrepreneur. You can get exposure in your community without paying for a tv spot!

Don't forget these helpful hints for your interview:

  • Prepare yourself. You may be able to give the interviewer specific questions you want asked so that you can target parts of your business. For instance, if you're starting a new product line, request that the interviewer asks you about it. Come up with answers for any questions you might be asked, including your company's history, what your company does, what your personal background is, products you sell, and how people can get more information.
  • Make an impression. If you're being interviewed on television, dress your best. You want to come off as professional, so forsake the overalls for a suit. If you're doing a radio interview, be sure to clear the frogs in your throat before going live.
  • Sell subliminally. Whenever you can, give little business boosts, like mentioning that you're offering a special right now, or state your website address several times. Make it easy for viewers or listeners to get in touch with you.
  • Leave a forwarding address. Give the radio or television station your contact info in the event that a listener or viewer contacts them for more information on your company.



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