Pros of the Multi-level Event

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Pros of the Multi-level Event

Let's examine a few of the positives, and negatives to each of these predominant event types.

Starting with the multi-level event:

1) Since you have multiple people doing the same thing, if one or a few drop out or drop off (for a variety of reasons, not being paid for the work, not having the time, family emergency comes up, etc.) your group is not totally sunk. In the committee event, if you have a committee of six handling both the live & silent auction and three drop out, your auction is in serious trouble!

Something to consider on this type of event is the "over-recruit." Just like a wedding where only X% of the people you invite will come, you should plan on approximately 25% of your volunteers dropping off during the process. Of course this percentage can vary depending on community demographics, and, for example, how many other fundraisers have been happening there lately.

This is why it's so important to have those specific primary and secondary goals set before you determine your event type. If your primary goal is to raise gross $15,000, and you're hoping each person attending donates $100 and each board member gets ten people to attend or $1,000, in an ideal world you've have at least 15 board members working towards this.

2) Since everyone is performing relatively the same function, a good team building idea is to make a fun competition or game out of the fundraising and reward the highest achievers/contributors. Whomever confirms the most attendees at the event will receive . . a massage at the spa, movie tickets, or a restaurant gift card! The friendly competition amongst the board members can drive results and a healthy bottom line!

3) Once you recruit the right volunteers to your board, this event pretty much runs itself. All you have to do is follow-up with the board and keep encouraging and rewarding them. That level is in place and they know what their job is - to recruit the money-makers!



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