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Is direct mail useful?

Maximum exposure at your fingertips.

If you are on a tight budget, a direct mail campaign may benefit your business. Some of the direct mailing companies offer fantastic deals and you will definately get exposure. Go for companies that will offer printing, distribution and if neccesary a designing service all in a one package deal. I personally use the Adport service on a regular basis to help advertise my latest ebook novel V.E.S.P.A. I have had 15000 leaflets distributed, printed and designed for a small cost of only 350 pounds sterling. A typical campaign should get you between 2% to 4% potential customers if done correctly. if for an example you sell an item for $10, you could be making between $3000 and $6000 monthly. I use this system once a month and I believe an offline direct mailing campaign will certainly get you noticed. Be sure to ask questions before you decide on a direct mailing company, you must choose the one with the best practices and this could mean the differnce between a profit and loses.



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