Using Marketing During Your Leisure Time

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How can I use marketing during my leisure time?

Using Marketing During Your Leisure Time

Using marketing techniques to sell your business during your leisure time does not call for much effort or work. First off, before you begin using marketing techniques to sell your business gather the proper sales materials. You will need: business cards, flyers and brochures that have your business information on them.

Going on vacation? Take all the sales materials with you – put them on the dash of your car. Every time you visit a rest area grab a few business cards and take them in with you. When going into the restroom lay a business card in each vacant stall, and as you're leaving, place one on the sink. Though it may sound corny, it can be effective; you never know who may pick one up and take it with them.

While on the road you may get hungry and stop at a restaurant for a bite to eat. Before leaving the restaurant put one of your business cards between the salt and pepper shakers. You can also visit their restroom and place another business card in the stalls there.

Any time you stop at a gas station or convenient store take a flyer in with you and ask the clerk if he/she will hang the flyer up for you. Again, visit their restroom too.

Maybe your leisure time is not taking a vacation, maybe you're just going to your local grocery store, department store, or etc.. That's fine too, because all of these tips can be applied in your local area as well. As a matter of fact, while you're walking through the parking lot you can also place a few flyers onto the windshields of the cars.



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