Retaining Clients in Your Start-Up Business: Ways to Say "Thank You"

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How can I tell my client "thank you?"

Retaining Clients in Your Start-Up Business: Ways to Say "Thank You"

A simple "thank you" in business can get you a long way. Because you're just starting out in business it is very important to say "thank you," because retaining clients in your start-up business means repeat business.

After making the sale, sending your client a thank-you note or greeting card shows him/her that you care, and that you appreciate their business.

Your client has just sent a referral your way, show your appreciation by sending a thank-you note or greeting card. Along with the note or greeting card enclose a card for a discount, or you can even send a free gift – word-of-mouth is the best advertising you can receive.

Maybe your client just canceled his order with you, no matter what the reason was still send him a simple thank-you note or card thanking him for considering your services – you can bet he will remember it later.

Finally, sending a box of chocolates during Christmas or any other holiday, maybe even on your client's birthday, is a heartfelt way of saying "thank you for your business."



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