Create Winning Sales Copy

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How do I creating winning sales copy?

Create Winning Sales Copy

When you create sales copy you want it to be compelling. Here are some tips to creating powerful sales copy that will bring winning sales your way.

1. Grab their attention with an effective headline. Use words like guaranteed and free. Also, avoid using all caps throughout your entire headline.

2. Offer a discounted price at the end of your sales copy. For example, say this, "Act now, pay $80 instead of $100 – a savings of $20. This offer is available for a limited time only; hurry before it's too late!"

3. People love getting free stuff! At the end of your sales copy offer your potential customer a free trial, or better yet, why not offer them two freebies. Let them know if they sign up for the free trial today, in return, they will also receive a free e-book.



9/4/2007 4:14:17 PM
evelynn said:

Using the word guaranteed is an invitation for problems (if you cant deliver a guarantee and that will be extremely subjective per customer) and a carries a good chance for loss if it comes to legal action when the guarantee isnt met by customer's standards and a clear definition of what constitutes "guarantee" isnt stated upfront by the seller.


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